2016 Wedding Trends – Part 2

2016 Wedding Trends – Part 2
January 28, 2016 Kris Asleson
2016 wedding trends

2016 Wedding Trends

Welcome to the second edition of our 2016 wedding trends mini-series. In part one, we covered sentimental wedding ideas, grown-up popsicles, and banquet-style seating, among other things. This second half of the series features just as much creativity and inspiration. Enjoy!

Trends 6-10

  1. Quality over quantity of pictures – With how much influence social media and the internet has taken, competition for views and likes is ever-increasing. Because of this, couples are focusing on getting truly memorable photos, rather than worrying as much about getting every single shot. Call is crazy or call it the way of the future, but getting a specific photo set to serve as a profile picture or cover photo is a trending idea!
  2. Mix up the music – Couples are considering blending different musical components into their wedding in 2016. Having an a Cappella group perform for one part of the reception and then turning the entertainment responsibilities over to a DJ when it’s time to get down is now perfectly acceptable. If you have friends and family with musical inclinations, you may not even have to pay much extra for this variety.
  3. Multiple bars – For those with guests all over the country or even the world, satellite celebration stations are becoming a blooming trend. With social media and wedding hashtags, friends can celebrate with you from all over, and you can experience it in real-time through social networks.
  4. Unique wedding websites – Instead of a traditional, template-based wedding website, some couples (with the budget) are hiring a web designer to build their own, unique website. If you are considering leveraging social media and other such trends, a website might be a valuable investment to host, share, and connect all parts of your digital wedding experience.
  5. 3-D printing – While this trend is taking the whole world by storm, weddings are being included in the takeover as well! The options are pretty much limitless when it comes to this, so do some research, talk to your friends and see what you all come up with.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to chat about your 2016 wedding, event, or anything else!

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